How to build a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator PMA for a Wind Turbine

This video is Part I in a series from that details the construction process and techniques used to build a Do- it- Yourself axial flux alternator. More details and supplies are available from our web site. Thank you for watching. Let us know if it is helpful.
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14 Responses to How to build a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator PMA for a Wind Turbine

  1. leamyvideo says:

    Nice video.

  2. robojoepa says:

    Finally!! After watching countless videos this one showed me the details of wiring together the coils. Thanks very much and GREAT job.

  3. TheLucifer69 says:

    You’re awesome!

  4. DEWessonsax says:

    I have seen elsewhere that your coil size in depth, should be 1/3 the depth or thickness of your magnets, can you confirm and explain? Assuming this is an axial charged magnet.

  5. samdekok72 says:

    Fantastic videos. Wish i had found these a year or so ago. You might be interested in my Lenz blade concepts on my channel. Great vids. Subscribed.

  6. dsouzand says:

    should the coils be touching each other?

  7. wyktron says:

    hello, I’m from Republic of Moldova, I don’t understand everything in this video and I have a question ! After 20 or 30 spins we stop the Coil Winder, and after that – how many spins we must make to finish the coil ?

  8. carmatic says:

    i have a somewhat related question… is it possible to arrange the magnets so that all the magnets on the rotor face the same way, and all the magnets on the stator face the opposite way , so that they will repel and create magnetic levitation… and then generate power by passing the irregularities in the magnetic flux through the coils as the rotor spins?

  9. sergodinho says:

    Can you tell me the diameter of the wire and how many turns per coil , i live in portugal i don t know what means “ga” can you put in milimeters

  10. Bronislawsky says:

    @wind2volts How many turns per coil do you make ?

  11. Cowcharge says:

    Is there one place where I can find all the math needed to design an alternator? Where do you start, with desired wattage? How do you calculate wire and coil size, number of magnets, gap between rotor and stator, voltage:rpm, and how many hp it takes to turn it under load? I’ve watched dozens of videos and been to dozens of wind sites and have yet to find any specific information. It’s extremely frustrating.

  12. jotoew says:

    why are there 3 terminals?

  13. ovalnet says:

    Great coil design. My son and I have been having fun with magnets and copper. Have you made multi-staged stators? Stacked them in tiers?

  14. Bronislawsky says:

    @wind2volts why are you using 2 strands, is it to get more amp and less volts then if you would use 70 turns of one strand ?

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